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What triggers a tax investigation?

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Ours is the top firm offering help with tax enquiries and investigations Stoke Newington has. These days, HMRC is capable of reviewing cases on a sample basis. Consequently, tax investigations are now periodic. We know that these inspections are stressful. This is why we provide our services. We are the best team to call because our aim is to make your life as easy as possible.

There’s no way of ensuring that HMRC won’t investigate you. However, you can make certain moves that will lower the possibility. HMRC is infamously tight-lipped about the criteria that lead them to act. Yet, they have been around for many years. In that time, we’ve managed to identify several red flags that can lead to an audit. Consequently, what you need to do is avoid them.


It’s possible for HMRC to receive a tip-off. Tips relating to substandard tax operations can trigger an investigation.

There are various reasons why someone would tip them off. An ex-partner or disgruntled employee may be looking to get back at the company. They might know about specific tax-dodging practices. In addition, HMRC could visit if they learn your business has a cash-only policy.

Too many errors

Another reason why HMRC might vet you is that you make mistakes on your returns constantly. HMRC knows that not everyone is a tax wizard. Therefore, they can be lenient if you make an honest one-off blunder. However, they’ll get sceptical if you keep on submitting false information and figures. Investigators will start asking questions if your mistakes become common occurrences.

At Brian G Lonis & Co, we know our fair share about HMRC investigations. It doesn’t matter whether the situation is easy to explain or somewhat complicated. Our team will use all of their resources to assist you with your needs.

We should be you first call if you have any concerns. As the best source of help with tax enquiries and investigations Stoke Newington has, we are always in your corner. Therefore, if there is anything we can do for you, please let us know.