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Keep your books organised for an efficient business

It can be very helpful to use the most professional bookkeeping Stoke Newington offers. A lot of people become preoccupied with running their business. Regardless of the size of your company, it is crucial that you keep your finances in order at all times. This includes recording information and using it to make any business decisions. Continue reading “Keep your books organised for an efficient business” »

Tax return penalty notice delays

The due date for the 2017-2018 tax returns Stoke Newington residents had to file was January 31 2019. It was the same deadline to pay any outstanding tax payments. If you waited until after this date, you face penalties. Over 740,000 taxpayers face a minimum of £100 in fines due to missing the tax return filing deadline. However, HMRC has announced that they won’t be sending out official notices until April. Continue reading “Tax return penalty notice delays” »

New guidance for submitting VAT returns with software

The biggest change coming to the tax world is Making Tax Digital. When it comes in April 2019 it will mean that the majority of businesses will need to store and submit their records digitally. They will have to use a compatible piece of software for all submissions. As one of the top names for VAT returns London has, we would like to offer more information about this topic following an update from HMRC. Continue reading “New guidance for submitting VAT returns with software” »

Tips for people filling out their first self-assessment tax return

The due date for self-assessment tax returns London residents have to fill out was 31st January. This time of year is full of people rushing to make the deadline and others dealing with late fines. People who have never done one before will more than likely be unsure about the process. You should be aware about how to make it a success so that if and when you have to fill out one, you are prepared and not stressed. Continue reading “Tips for people filling out their first self-assessment tax return” »