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When does the tax man come for the self-employed?

As expert accountants, we have a vast amount of knowledge of the industry. Our team is able to offer clients advice and solutions for various issues. For example, we are one of the most reliable sources of info about tax enquiries and investigations Soho can offer. This area in particular can cause a lot of trouble for people. There is no need to worry however; we will give you the help you need. Continue reading “When does the tax man come for the self-employed?” »

Professional bookkeeping for eCommerce

Last year was an incredibly tough one for many businesses because of coronavirus. However, it was not all doom and gloom. One area that saw incredible growth was eCommerce. According to eMarketer, global online sales grew by 27.6%, exceeding $4.2trillion. It is a viable option for many businesses. However, they need to think about how they can use accounting services to their benefit. Brian G. Lonis & Co can help. We are the top name for bookkeeping Soho has and know just how beneficial the service can be. Continue reading “Professional bookkeeping for eCommerce” »

Coronavirus causes record number to miss tax deadline

Brian G. Lonis & Co is very proud to offer expert financial advice and support to our clients. This can be about a number of topics, including taxes, auditing, bookkeeping, and much more. One area where we excel is offering the best support with tax returns Soho clients can ask for. We can help them to stick to deadlines and avoid interest and charges. Continue reading “Coronavirus causes record number to miss tax deadline” »

Track your finances better with more effective bookkeeping habits

Bookkeeping CamdenWe have been working in the accounting profession for more than thirty years. Since we have spent so long here, our team has become one of the most knowledgeable working today. We understand the client’s needs better than anyone else. As a result, we are able to offer up solutions that work. Whenever they need help with bookkeeping, Camden locals know they can count on us. Continue reading “Track your finances better with more effective bookkeeping habits” »

Be ready for the investigation

When they require help with tax enquiries and investigations, Walthamstow clients contact us. For more than three decades, we have done all we can to assist countless people with their needs. This is not exactly a nice topic for private individuals and businesses. However, we smooth the whole process as much as we can. By doing so, clients will have less stress. Continue reading “Be ready for the investigation” »

People often make mistakes with VAT

Tax enquiries and investigations HarringayVAT is one of the more complex areas of finance. As someone running a business, it is easy enough to make mistakes with it and fail to correctly comply with the rules. Errors like these can be very costly. Furthermore, if HMRC thinks that you were sloppy or intentional with your errors, you can face penalties from 15%-100% of due VAT as well as payable tax. For assistance navigating all the rules and regulations with VAT, you can count on the most dependable people for VAT returns in Walthamstow – our team! Continue reading “People often make mistakes with VAT” »

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