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People often make mistakes with VAT

Tax enquiries and investigations HarringayVAT is one of the more complex areas of finance. As someone running a business, it is easy enough to make mistakes with it and fail to correctly comply with the rules. Errors like these can be very costly. Furthermore, if HMRC thinks that you were sloppy or intentional with your errors, you can face penalties from 15%-100% of due VAT as well as payable tax. For assistance navigating all the rules and regulations with VAT, you can count on the most dependable people for VAT returns in Walthamstow – our team! Continue reading “People often make mistakes with VAT” »

Is your reason for a late tax return acceptable?

Tax enquiries and investigations HarringayFailing to make a payment or submit a tax return on time will leave you facing a penalty. But, if you have a reason that is acceptable, you can appeal. A reasonable excuse is when you did not meet a tax obligation despite taking decent care to do so. Working with accounting experts can help ensure your returns are in correctly and on time. At Brian G. Lonis & Co, we have a lot of experience completing tax returns in Walthamstow, meaning that you can count on us. Continue reading “Is your reason for a late tax return acceptable?” »

The world of auditing debt

The team at Brian G. Lonis & Co have been working in accounting for more than three decades. Therefore, we believe we have the knowledge and skills to help clients with all their needs. We are the best provider of auditing Walthamstow has. If you are worrying about this particular topic, we can put you at ease. What’s more, we can do so for some very reasonable rates. Continue reading “The world of auditing debt” »

These days it is about more than just generalities

When they need help with tax enquiries and investigations, Harringay clients should contact our company. The Brian G. Lonis & Co team has years of experience dealing with subjects like this. We appreciate it is a stressful time when you need to answer an enquiry or deal with HMRC investigating. However, it is one our people are more than happy to aid you with. Continue reading “These days it is about more than just generalities” »