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Warning signs that your company isn’t audit-ready

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We’re an accounting firm with more than three decades of experience. In this time, we’ve had the chance to help our clients tackle many issues. For example, when they need help with auditing, Soho businesses know they can comfortably rely on us. Our team provides useful and cost efficient services. These are ones we tailor to solve their individual needs.

To guarantee the smooth operation and success of your company, you need to be ready. An extraordinary or scheduled visit from the auditor could be right around the corner. Then again, it is also necessary to perform internal audits to confirm that everything is in order. What we want to do here is detail some warning signs that your business won’t perform well in a forthcoming audit. In addition, we will go over what you can do to turn things around.

Frequent on-the-job accidents and mistakes

Auditing SohoEmployee safety is an area that auditors will insist on. It can present major concerns that warrant huge fines. So, companies need to think carefully about it.

It is true that most workplace incidents come down to human error. But, this tends to point to hard working conditions or bad compliance training on your part. Staff members that are too busy and rush to meet unrealistic targets have a higher chance of mistakes and accidents. It can lead to compensation payouts, influence productivity, and mean you lose work days.

On the job incidents might frequently occur with your business. If they do, look more closely at your safety compliance training before the next audit. You may need to make changes to train staff.

Policy violations

These can show up in numerous forms. The violations could be a simple insubordination incident. Or, they may be a more serious security violation. Whatever the case, they can be red flags that you aren’t ready for an audit.

Let’s say an employee opens a phishing email attachment that results in an expensive leak of data. A lawsuit for mishandling data will not benefit any auditing. Standard policy violations can usually be due to employees not knowing how to apply or ignoring company guidelines.

What to need to do is confirm that compliance training activities are frequently repeated. They must also be realistic in a way that lets employees turn theory into practice.

Weak documentation

A recurring problem with audits is the failure to provide documents proving their compliance certificates are up to date. Lacklustre tracking of your employees’ adherence to organisational compliance can lead to penalties. This is because of missing deadlines. Not only that, but it will negatively influence your overall efficiency.

To feel more confident about your next audit, you can use learning management systems. They give you the ability to track the online training activity of every learner. You can therefore make sure they know what to do in every regard.

Talk to us if you need help with auditing in Soho

At Brian G Lonis & Co, we deliver services to clients belonging to businesses of varying sizes. They can be from a variety of industries too, whether it is retail, logistics, or food and hospitality. Using our knowledge and experience, we help each client to deal with their financial or operational woes. We do this in a timely and effective manner too.

So, if you require the leading services for auditing Soho has, please let us know. We can cater for any needs, whether you want help because you are the focus of an audit or would like a third party to check your business to recommend areas to improve.