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Why you should consider appealing to a tribunal

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If you are currently struggling with VAT returns London has the perfect team for you. Brian G Lonis and Co is an accounting firm that prides itself on employing the most skilful individuals. Our team work closely with their clients in order to come up with a definitive solution to each issue.

VAT returns LondonWhen it comes to VATs, the amount at stake can be substantial at times. However, it is entirely possible for HMRC not to listen to reason. In situations like these, the company could have to appeal to a tribunal.

It is usually surprising when HMRC raises a considerable VAT assessment against a business. This is especially true when they believe they have done nothing wrong. The amount inspected is typically a material issue for the company. This is because you charge VAT on the full sales price as opposed to the company’s profits. At that stage, challenging the decision of HMRC is nearly unavoidable.

Time limits

Even when you are talking with HMRC and reviewing the company’s position, it is vital to think about a tribunal appeal. There are several reasons why, with the first being time limits. You have a mere 30 days from the day of HMRC’s verdict to appeal. As a result you need to work fast if you want to do this.


The attitude used in talks with HMRC is another reason. Businesses are often prepared to take their case to tribunal. When they are, they must set their argument as strongly as they can. They cannot compromise either. Here, it is essential to state your case in a manner that is appropriate for presentation at tribunals.

Help with VAT returns in London

At Brian G Lonis and Co, we can assist clients with representation at VAT tribunals when the need arises. Additionally, we can provide a myriad of other services that are efficient and cost effective.

If you would like the help of the top company working in VAT returns London has, come to us. We have a wide array of clients, from small businesses to large companies. Whatever you need, rely on us.