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What is a Section 9A Tax Enquiry?

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Tax enquiries and investigations StratfordOne subject we would like to discuss in this article is the Section 9A Tax Enquiry. This section of the Taxes Management Act 1970 provides HMRC with the right to investigate the tax return of any taxpayer. They can look at the initial return as well as any amendments that the taxpayer makes afterwards.

You might receive a Section 9A letter at some stage. If you do, it will tell you what law HMRC is employing to legally examine your tax affairs. For instance, it could reference “Section 9A TMA 1970″. This specific enquiry is the one we will be looking at below.

A 12-month window

With the investigation, HMRC has to open it within 12 months of the date when you file your tax return. If it is later than this when they point the error out, HMRC won’t be able to take things further under Section 9A.

What do they need?

The first letter that gets sent to you is going to detail the information HMRC needs. They might have a few questions to ask you about the tax return. Alternatively, they might be launching an enquiry into the whole thing. Here, they will need all your financial documents, so you need to prepare them.

If it is the latter situation and your business is large enough, HMRC will make arrangements for inspectors to visit you. They will come to the premises and go over the financial records.


In addition, HMRC is going to provide a deadline for replying. You must meet this unless you have a very good reason not to. Talk to the inspector about why you need additional time and they may grant an extension.

Help with tax enquiries and investigations in Stratford

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