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What happens when I don’t pay enough tax?

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We have been in the business for several decades. As a result, our team has spent a lot of time developing our knowledge and skills in the accounting industry. Today, many consider us the number one establishment working in tax returns Harringay has. If you ever struggle with your taxes, you can come to us for aid.

Paying the correct level of tax isn’t always about claiming refunds and calculating expenses. Every so often, you could discover that HMRC is coming to ask you for more. When this happens, it certainly isn’t fun. However, there is also no need for it to be a disaster.

Mistakes can happen

Tax returns HarringayThere are times where the tax authority has made the mistake. If you are holding down multiple jobs for instance, it is likely you have got your personal allowance for both. This would mean that the first £12,570 you made for every job would be untaxed, instead of just the main one. You might have also got some state benefits you were not qualified for and HMRC needs to reclaim them.

The government believes there is a fair number of PAYE taxpayers who pay too much or too little. Situations like these should not appear frequently. When they do though, you must rectify them rapidly. Crucially, make sure you have the right tax code when you have several jobs.

Don’t ignore the demand

If you get a tax demand from HMRC, don’t ignore it. Some people do this thinking it does not apply to them. If HMRC issues demands, it is because they believe you have some income you are not paying tax on. Your best bet is dealing with the issue at its source before things even get to this stage. The moment you see that your calculation is greater than the tax you have paid, contact us for assistance. Simply waiting for HMRC to respond could lead to further complications for you.

The best help with tax returns in Harringay

At Brian G Lonis & Co, we know everything there is to know about the tax returns and support people each year in completing them. We help both personal and business clients with their tax issues. This ensures each client can be confident they won’t have an issue with HMRC

So, if you require assistance with tax returns, Harringay has no better expert than us. Please give us a call to speak about your needs and the work we can do for you.