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These days it is about more than just generalities

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When they need help with tax enquiries and investigations, Harringay clients should contact our company. The Brian G. Lonis & Co team has years of experience dealing with subjects like this. We appreciate it is a stressful time when you need to answer an enquiry or deal with HMRC investigating. However, it is one our people are more than happy to aid you with.

Tax enquiries and investigations HarringayStandard enquiries have evolved from what they once were. Today, there is a good chance they will focus on more than just the generalities. In addition, they will have an emphasis on drilling down into the finer details of the company. That means they shall look at the procedures and operations.

There are numerous areas of potential error and focus here. We want to look at a few of them with you.

Employment allowance

One example would be employment allowance. With associated businesses, there is one common pitfall. When these businesses exist, there are separate rules for you to observe. This is in regard to what form of allowance is accessible and how it is to be divided. It is easy to misunderstand the meaning of the word association. This catches out a large number of companies that then over-claim by mistake.

Apprenticeship levy

Another area where it is easy to make an error is the apprenticeship levy. During an initial glance, you might forgive a company for forgetting that this is not applicable to them. Yet, if your establishment has a united payroll cost of £3million or over, the levy is going to apply. You need to remain aware of associated businesses that have payroll costs. These are ones that will be assigned to the complete threshold.


These areas are potential high risks for companies that are not ready for them. Many others are too. Furthermore, there is an increasing number of compliance responsibilities. These are ones put on the self-employed and businesses. Therefore, the penalties incurred where someone has made an error are severe.

Tax enquiries and investigations in Harringay

At Brian G. Lonis & Co, we handle simple and more complex tax assessments. It may be a small enquiry or a full investigation. We can help either way. This is something we aim to do regardless of the circumstances of the individual or business.

If you want the best team for tax enquiries and investigations Harringay has, please get in touch with us. We offer reliable services at great prices.