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The traps of company rearrangements

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We are a company that has been working in accountancy for more than three decades. This has given us an unbeatable knowledge of this area. Something else it has done is allow us to become the top firm for company rearrangements London has. In other words, you can count on us if you are having trouble getting anything in order.

A rearrangement does not need to create chaos. However, it is easy for this to happen when no clear path for communing with stakeholders and employees exists.

Engaging everyone

Company rearrangements LondonThe majority of executives and their staff members fear these rearrangements. Several causes of the paranoia, fear, distraction, and uncertainty exist. However, one of the most fundamental and biggest errors is not engaging everyone. At the very least, the people in charge fail to do this soon enough.

It is sensible for you to think about stakeholders and employees simultaneously here. People with a stake include the board, regulators, suppliers, customers, and unions. Yet, employees are the ones who need the most attention at all times.

Those in charge of reorganisations usually fall into one of two traps. They do so whilst speaking with staff members. The first is what we call “wait and see” and the second is “ivory-tower idealism”.

The first trap

With wait and see, the leaders believe they should keep everything under wraps until the final moments. During this time, they have all the answers. Rumours begin to rise after the employees hear certain comments. Eventually, the new structure shall get announced. Unfortunately, nothing the leaders say can counter the negative impressions the employees may already have by this point.

The second trap

As for ivory-tower idealism, the leader can hardly contain their excitement. This is due to the opportunity to take care of past problems and meet all their goals at the same time. To employees, this excitement appears uncaring. From there, it is easy for the boss to end up trapped on a beach of cynicism.

To avoid both traps, you must communicate everything clearly. If you engage with people they feel involved and are less likely to come to negative conclusions.

Guidance for company rearrangements in London

At Brian G Lonis & Co, we can offer you invaluable advice. This will help you get through this difficult process. We work with large and small businesses, helping them to scale up or down.

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