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The risk of ChatGPT to auditors

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We have been established in the accounting industry for more than three decades. Out team has experience in all sorts of fields, including large and small businesses in various industries. This has led to us becoming one of the foremost experts specialising in auditing Stratford has. Come to us with your financial or organisational worries and we will do an audit and come up with a solution to help.

Many auditors have been discussing ChatGPT. A lot of them are afraid of what implications it will have on their reports. Some have concerns that the AI will replace them in their audit reporting roles. This may be a concern of yours as well. If so, then you need to think bigger. There are a lot of other risks auditors have to consider with AI. You may need to look at your own artificial intelligence procedure.

AI is progressing quickly, altering how we work and live. One area witnessing substantial growth is content creation, like text, images, and videos. Such technology does have the potential to bring many advantages. But, it also raises worries that auditors and organisations need to be aware of. Let’s discuss this further.

How does it work?

Auditing StratfordChatGPT and other AI models function by creating results based on information you enter into them. The AI then trains the data and learns from it. Similar to most systems, the output is only as good as the quality of the data you enter. Countless organisations create content for social media. So, the details must be complete and accurate.

With AI in particular, one of the largest concerns is misinformation spreading. Deepfake technology for instance enables you to create realistic videos. These are ones depicting people saying and doing things they never did. These manipulate public opinion and spread false details.

Moreover, text created by AI is something you can use to spread false details and alter public opinion. Articles your organisation makes using AI can hold omissions and errors. Such things can cause confusion or mistrust. They can even harm someone’s mental and physical health. A business’ reputation can be harmed. Misinformation from ChatGPT and other AIs is a risk that auditors should be concerned with.

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