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The requirements for redundancies and restructuring job positions

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Brian G Lonis and Co is a team of accountants and advisors who assist their clients in many areas. We are actually the leading establishment working in company rearrangements Stoke Newington has. This is a vital service because restructuring is not something you want to tackle if you are not ready for it.

An employer often has to think about restructuring job positions or making redundancies. When this happens, they must display good faith to their workforce. It is up to the employer to guarantee that the redundancy is genuine. In addition, they have to follow the right procedure for each change.

How do you manage redundancy?

With redundancies, it all comes down to managerial prerogative. Courts aren’t able to question the insight behind the decision. Instead, the issue is if redundancy is truthfully the reasoning behind the termination of employment. Redundancies are authentic if they are made for valid commercial reasons. However, there are factors that might indicate that a redundancy is not lawful. One could be having job positions mostly identical to the former ones. They may only have a different job title.

Being procedurally fair

Company rearrangements Stoke NewingtonIt is a requirement for redundancies to be procedurally fair too. Employers need to give the employees access to certain details. These are ones relating to the continuance of their employment. This is according to the Employment Relations Act 2000. They must also have the chance to comment on all these details prior to any decision making that occurs.

A vital part of this procedure is consulting with employees before you make any choices. There are also the requirements for procedural fairness to think about. These largely depend on the business’ nature and size.

Company rearrangements in Stoke Newington

At Brian G Lonis & Co, we make sure that clients make all the right moves. This is important because we know how easy it is to make a mistake and the bad results that can occur if this happens. You may need help with taxes or changes to your business. Whatever the case, we will be on hand to assist you. You can count on our years of experience to see you through the process.

Contact us today. Do so and you can work with the foremost team excelling in company rearrangements Stoke Newington has. We will give you all the help you need to make the changes and ensure you follow the law.