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The memorandum and articles of association

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New company formations LondonCreating something from scratch is one of the most challenging tasks any person can face. This is especially true for those establishing a business. What our team does is ease the process. We do this by offering the best services for new company formations London can use.

It is easy to register a business in this day and age. The time of filing forms and waiting long periods for approval is long gone. Those who have yet to take on this task however may want some help. Our intention here is to discuss two of the most important documents you need to create when you form a company.

Memorandum and articles of association

Preparing these is one of the most important steps when you first start out. The two collectively form the company’s constitution. The memorandum itself is a small document that typically includes several standard clauses. By finishing it, subscribers of the first shares affirm their agreement to start the business.

The rule book

The articles of association function as the business’ rule book. They detail how the directors shall run the company on the shareholders’ behalf. Many establishments embrace the private company Model Articles. These cover the majority of circumstances. When there are abnormal requirements, they can adopt bespoke articles instead. It is worth seeking legal advice here so you get the document right.


You have to file the memorandum and articles of association with Companies House while you are registering the business. The latter you must file in the event there are bespoke variants. Everyone is free to do this electronically. Systems such as Inform Direct shall automatically generate, complete, and dispatch the documentation. This can save you a lot of time and effort.

New company formations in London

At Brian G Lonis & Co, we have no shortage of talent. Our team members can aid you with anything you happen to be struggling with. When it comes to new company formations London residents are always pleased with our results. We can cater for any requirements, whether you are a local tradesman or want to start a national business.

If you wish to speak to us, feel free to get in contact whenever you like. We can give you all the help and advice you need.