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The different duties of bookkeepers and accountants

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Our team has been assisting clients with their financial concerns for many decades. We are a very experienced and talented team, one committed to satisfying all of your specifications. The reputation we have built is one of excellence and dedication. It is one of the reasons why we are now the finest company for bookkeeping Stratford has.

People often struggle when they try to understand the distinctions between accountants and bookkeepers. Therefore, it should not surprise you that they often mix the pair up. Being experts in the industry, we feel that it is our duty to make things clear for you. Below we will explain which one is which and what they do.

An overlap

Bookkeeping StratfordThe first thing we would like to stress is that accountancy overlaps with bookkeeping. As you can tell from the name, the latter is all about keeping your books neat in a business context. The accounting procedure is the first step. Bookkeepers hold responsibility for ensuring they create complete and accurate records. This is for each financial transaction. It can be a complex job. It consists of collating, organising, and collecting data. However, it is not about analysing numbers.

A bookkeeper makes use of their top tier organisational skills and logic to record all the transactions. There is also a need for some common sense here. Then, they tally everything at the end of the month, week, or day.

There is more to being a bookkeeper however. They also have the job to distribute invoices and may even process payrolls. Other jobs include recording income money, paying suppliers, and recording petty cash transactions. If you require the best services for bookkeeping Stratford has, please contact our establishment.


As for accountants, they are more about focusing on the bigger financial picture. The work they do can influence the whole accounting procedure. They build on the base details that come from bookkeepers. Here they will analyse, classify, summarise, interpret, and report back. Effectively, they add texture and meaning to raw data.

An accountant may look at the data and analyse it so they can predict the financial future. Additionally, they may look to pinpoint areas where you can make efficiencies. They accomplish this through tax, management, and financial accounting. Auditing and similar services also play a part here.

We help all kinds of clients with bookkeeping in Stratford

At Brian G Lonis & Co, we have had the chance to help countless clients with their financial concerns. Our solutions are high in value but cost effective at the same time. We also aim to help clients regardless of the sector they belong to or their size. Being a FFA and FCCA business, you can depend on us to help you.

So, feel free to contact us if you want to benefit from the best bookkeeping Stratford can offer. We are confident we can be of assistance to you.