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Take the right actions with bookkeeping

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Ours has been an established firm for more than three decades and is the best one working in bookkeeping London has. During those long years, we have built a reputation for providing everyone with a top-notch service. We look at you and your business, and then figure out what would work for your circumstances.

The company books are more important than many of us realise. Each outgoing and incoming payment needs documenting. This includes everything from staff payments and loans to tax outgoings. Your establishment can run smoothly and be profitable this way. There are all kinds of actions you should and shouldn’t be taking with this process. We’re going to talk about some of the more significant ones here.

Business accounts

See to it that you set up dedicated business bank accounts. With bookkeeping, you must keep your records and business accounts away from your personal information. This lets you keep track of each one more easily. You also won’t be as likely to mix them up.

Avoid re-designations

If you have designated money, don’t use it for purposes it wasn’t meant for. You may have set funds aside so you can pay your staff or taxes. There might be a temptation to re-designate it for another outgoing but you need to fight this. By keeping everything where it’s meant to be, you can manage your finances more accurately.

Get it in writing

It’s not wise to depend on handshake arrangements either, even if you’re familiar with the other party. Make certain there’s a signed document that recognises the payment. You’ll have an easier time monitoring your sale or purchase as a result.

At Brian G Lonis & Co, we aim to supply prompt, personal advice to every client. They can then use what we’ve told them to enhance their practices. This is one of the big things that make us a leading source of bookkeeping London clients love working with.

We’re more than happy to help every company, regardless of its sector or size. Contact us if you require our services.