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Preparing for a successful audit

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As an accounting firm, it’s our job to ensure that you’re handling your finances correctly. To do so, we offer a series of helpful services. We are the best company specialising in auditing London has. Being FFA and FCCA qualified, we’re ready for whatever comes our way.

The auditing process isn’t something everyone looks forward to. However, things don’t need to be overly demanding during this time. All you must do is take a few simple measures across the year. This will go a long way to making your audit as effortless and seamless as possible.

The prepared-by-client list

Firstly you can try to obtain the prepared-by-client list in advance. The auditor normally gives you this after the end of your financial year. Within is information on the documentation they need for the job.

There’s a good chance that the list will be long. Examples of the documents you’ll require include inventory records, bank statements, and also the trial balance. As you might expect, it can take you a while to gather everything the auditor asks for. You can request this list in advance and assemble the documents as part of your year-end operations.

Plan for it

Planning around the audit is a great idea too. Give yourself enough time and also make certain all of your main team members will be available when needed. See to it that your accounting and finance staff haven’t booked time off around the audit. Check to see if their schedules are free when the auditor must conduct fieldwork. Not having the right people around can drag out the procedure.

At Brian G Lonis & Co, the fees for our work are some of the most competitive of all. In addition you get real value for your money with us. From day one, we work hard to get you the results you’re after without causing any fuss.

The thing that makes us one of the top teams for auditing London has to offer is we handle every side. For example we can support clients who are being audited as well as conduct our own investigations on their behalf.

If you would like to speak with us, you’re welcome to contact us anytime.