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Make the most out of your limited company through rearrangements

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A lot of people who want to form a company will do so online with the limited company form. This is a quick and relatively easy way to start up a business. However, it is worth noting that we offer the best company rearrangements Stoke Newington has. This service lets you make the most of the help that is available and reduces the risk of errors.

Tax Efficiency

Forming a limited company is a great way to run a business that is tax efficient. You can improve this by speaking with expert accountants. The next step after this for even more efficiency is to think about paying through dividends and not solely with PAYE. Looking into this at an early point can allow owner managed companies to save thousands in tax.

A company restructure for tax efficiency could help you. Firstly, you can issue nominal value shares to family to maximise tax allowances. In addition, you can restructure ownership of shares to reflect an exit strategy. You can also change voting rights for share classes which will help you control the distribution of profits.


Those who run a limited company as well as people who want to expand or grow need to understand business finance. Investments can be hard to get with the standard articles of association and generic memorandum. Restructures can look at investments to help your company though.

One thing you can do is restructure share classes. This is so that they include multiple types such as preference and ordinary, or classes in currencies for investors that are overseas. It can also include compatibility for a conversion to ‘PLC’ status which will allow for public investment.

The needs and goals of your business can change over time but we can adapt our service to match them. We are dedicated when it comes to offering help with company rearrangements Stoke Newington can benefit from. Speak to Brian G Lonis & Co today to see how we could help you.