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Keep bookkeeping at the front of your mind

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Brian G Lonis & Co helps clients with a host of financial concerns. As the top establishment working in bookkeeping London has, we aim to give people solutions that work. To do this, we start by getting an understanding of your company and needs. With the right info, it is easier for us to create a plan.

Many choose to push bookkeeping to the back of their minds. After all, it’s not the most exciting part of running a business. However, allowing the documents to accumulate can lead to problems later on. Excellent bookkeeping and faultless records are integral to ensuring that your business is in the best possible state. If you want this for your own company, then you should avoid certain actions.


To begin with you should not make it easy to get distracted. To many, bookkeeping will seem like a distraction from the regular daily activities. Saying this, it is not something you can not afford to do if your mind is elsewhere. The chances of this happening increase when people work from home. By setting time aside for your work, it is more likely you will get everything done.

Not reconciling leads to more problems

Not reconciling your accounts every month is also a bad practice. It will just result in you having to deal with more problems in the future. See to it that your own income and expenditure record mirrors your financial statements. Should you fail to do this, it will be more difficult to account for weaknesses or discrepancies in your process. Regularly reconciling the accounts shall also show you how your business is performing. If you feel that you need to improve, you can make changes with ease.

At Brian G Lonis & Co, we tailor our services so that they match each client’s specific needs. We’d be more than happy to help you if you’re struggling. We will look at where you are falling behind and work to improve on those areas.

We work hard to be one of the most assured providers of bookkeeping London has to offer. Contact us if our services interest you.