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Is your reason for a late tax return acceptable?

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Tax enquiries and investigations HarringayFailing to make a payment or submit a tax return on time will leave you facing a penalty. But, if you have a reason that is acceptable, you can appeal. A reasonable excuse is when you did not meet a tax obligation despite taking decent care to do so. Working with accounting experts can help ensure your returns are in correctly and on time. At Brian G. Lonis & Co, we have a lot of experience completing tax returns in Walthamstow, meaning that you can count on us.

Be sensible with any excuses

HMRC comes across a lot of weird and bizarre reasons for failing to meet tax commitments that they cannot accept. For instance, some of the stranger excuses they have heard and have been unable to accept are:

  • My business doesn’t do a lot.
  • My wife sees aliens and will not let me go in the house so I couldn’t file my tax return.
  • I’ve been touring with my one-man play and have been too busy.
  • My ex-wife left my return upstairs and I have vertigo so I can’t go and get it.
  • I spilt coffee on my return.

Despite HMRC making it easier every year for people to complete returns, there appears to always be people making odd excuses as to why they have been unable to do so. When people are unable to submit their tax return in time and have a genuine reason for doing this however, they will be given help.

It is also important that people make legitimate claims. In fact, HMRC has seen some rather peculiar expenses on returns. Some of the more unusual examples include:

  • Veterinary fees for a rabbit.
  • £4.50 for meal expenses – 250 days of sausage and chips.
  • Prosecco and candles from hotel room service.
  • Glasgow nightclub birthday drinks.
  • A three-piece suite so their partner had somewhere to sit while they did their accounts.

HMRC can be reasonable

Of course, there are plenty of understandable excuses that might stop someone from being able to meet a tax obligation. These might include those such as:

  • The online services for HMRC having issues.
  • While preparing your return or just before, your software or computer failed.
  • A close relative like your partner passing away not long before the deadline.
  • You have a serious or life-threatening health issue.
  • A stay in hospital you did not plan left you unable to deal with your tax affairs.
  • A disability you have resulted in delays.
  • Theft, a fire, or flood stopped you from being able to complete your return.
  • Postage delays you would have been unable to predict.

Just know that when your situation has changed, you will need to submit your return as soon as you can.

Given recent circumstances, HMRC will accept coronavirus as an acceptable excuse for missing certain tax obligations if you explain how it affected you within your appeal. You will still need to complete the payment or tax return as soon as possible.

How to succeed with tax returns in Walthamstow

Thanks to our expertise and experience, we offer a premier service when it comes to helping with tax returns in Walthamstow as well as other accounting needs. So, get in contact with Brian G. Lonis & Co today to discover how we can assist you.