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Incorrectly processed tax returns

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When they need help with their tax returns Stoke Newington residents come to us. This is something we have excelled in for years. We employ a team of experts who offer advice on tax returns all year round. Once you have spoken to them, you will be in a much better position to optimise your tax status.

With tax returns, mistakes can be made on both sides. Even HMRC isn’t immune to errors. One issue that appears every now and then is their failure to correctly calculate your tax.

Have HMRC made a mistake?

You may have suspicions that HMRC has failed to calculate your tax properly. If so, you need to let them know. You can do this in writing or by telephone. There isn’t any formal process to appeal here. However, you are able to object and ask them to explain the figures they provided.

If you discover any mistakes, contact your tax office and point them out. Then request that they fix their calculation. If they are unable to do so in decent time, then your next step should be to write a complaint.

Look at HMRC’s calculations

It is not difficult for HMRC to miss errors when they process your returns. It’s also possible for mistakes to happen when they put details into their computer system. Have a good look at any calculation you acquire from them. Some of the figures could be unexpectedly low or high. If they are, make certain there aren’t any errors. Anyone who fails to do this may find themselves overpaying tax or owing HMRC more money in the future.

Tax returns Stoke NewingtonAt Brian G Lonis & Co, we tailor our solutions so that they meet your particular requirements. In addition we provide a 24-hour response time for every enquiry. In terms of fees, we agree to all of them in advance. We are proud to be the top name for tax returns Stoke Newington has, so expect a great service from us every time.

If there is anything you would like to discuss with us, you can get in touch anytime you like.