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How does a company rearrangement work?

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Both major and minor changes within a business can take numerous forms. We are the provider of company rearrangements Stoke Newington can turn to for help. As a result we have a lot of experience. You might be thinking though, how does a company rearrangement work? Read on to find out more.

The Reason Behind It

It could be that you need to relocate and save money, or a change in the market has led to you needing to downsize. Sometimes it is simply to reflect changes in how the business operates or as a response to growth. Regardless of why you want to rearrange, you need to take numerous things into consideration.


This can make it cheaper and easier to run a business. You might stop offering a service or reduce the amount of workers you employ. This leaves many things for you to deal with like attending to staff and equipment. You need to know if this is the right option for the long term and whether you can still meet demands.


Whether it is the whole business or an element of it, sometimes the need to downsize arises. You should consider your employees and how this will affect them. You might want make some of them redundant.

Business Changes

Teams might need to change such as a member of management stepping down or staff moving around departments. If so then people will likely have to change the duties that they are responsible for. It could be that they will be amalgamated into another role or the member of staff will need replacing.

The Process

Despite why, there are some important things to remember. You should be sure that a reorganisation is your best option to improve things. Being certain that this is a good idea can make the process easier on staff. Communication is also a key aspect so that everyone involved stays informed. This will avoid both confusion and upsetting any staff that you are making redundant.

Planning is the other vital factor to consider. Changes require the correct legal documentation and paperwork. This can be for things such as dealing with ownership should this change.

Brian G Lonis & Co can help you through this time. We offer the specialist company rearrangements Stoke Newington businesses can depend on. How does a company rearrangement work isn’t the only query we can answer. Get in contact with us should you want to know more about what we do.