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How do shares factor into business formations?

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When they need assistance with new company formations Stoke Newington clients come to us. They do so because we have a lot of experience with this subject. We start by looking at their goals and come up with a plan to achieve them. Soon enough, they will be running their own establishment.

People setting up a new company in the UK often find it to be an unsettling task. However, they don’t have to feel this way. There is one way in particular that they can make things much easier; make sure they have all the necessary information in advance. There are several steps to take here, with some of the most important involving shares.

Share class

One thing anyone setting up a business will have to do is create a share class. It is a requirement for every UK business to have one at minimum. If necessary, businesses can set up a series of share classes. The aim here is to ensure the structure is right.

The value of shares can fluctuate greatly. They begin at £0.01 and go up from there. Moreover, it may be necessary to generate them in separate currencies.

Distinct share classes each possess their own share rights. The majority of establishments form with regular ‘Ordinary’ shares that have a value of £1.00.

Issuing shares

It is important not to forget about issuing shares either. Shareholders are the ones who own the business. Once the share class is in place, the owner will need to issue at least one share to another company or person.

In many of our country’s establishments, the shareholders and company directors are one and the same. Yet, it is possible for companies to give shares to shareholders who don’t have director positions. The owner is free to issue as many shares as they please.

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