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Have you had years of unprofitability?

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We are a specialist accounting business that has been in operation for over three decades. As a result, we have invaluable experience that we use to satisfy all of our clients’ needs. Our team also knows its fair share about taxes. In fact, we are the top establishment working in tax enquiries and investigations Harringay has.

Tax enquiries and investigations SohoMany people know about HMRC tax investigations. They will tell you that they are not something the average business owner wants to deal with. Sadly, you are not able to completely eradicate the danger of becoming the focus of one.

On occasion, HMRC performs audits randomly. There is no conceivable trigger apart from the name of your business appearing in their RNG mechanism. Some specific reasons do exist that would spur them into action though. One of the most common triggers is your company having years of unprofitability.

Why are you not making profit?

Let’s say you have been in operation for a fair few years now. For some reason, you might not have earned any profits. This isn’t outside the realm of possibility, particularly if there is a heavy initial investment.

Yet, you may be handing HMRC fresh tax returns each year. These are ones claiming that you don’t owe any tax. The investigators are going to think about why and how you are still in business. If you wish to solve this issue, the answer is straightforward. If you don’t wish for HMRC to investigate you, tell them of the specific reasons for your unprofitability.

Help with tax enquiries and investigations in Harringay

For those still struggling, you can work with our people to get the help you need. At Brian G Lonis & Co, it is our job to offer everyone high value, cost efficient financial solutions. These are ones we tailor to your particular needs. We are also FFA and FCCA qualified, which gives clients peace of mind when they work with us.

So, if you would like help from the foremost company working in tax enquiries and investigations Harringay has, contact us today. We can support you at any point.