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Essential tax return information for beginners

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Tax returns LondonIf you are currently dealing with tax returns London has the perfect business for you. Our accounting firm works with clients to understand and complete everything. We have a reputation for supplying high value, first class solutions that are also cost effective.

You might not have ever had to do a self-assessment tax return. Things can look intimidating at first. However, as soon as you know more about the procedure, it is relatively simple. This is the case as long as you have all the necessary details.

What do you need?

Before you begin, ensure that you have the following.

  • First is your ten-digit Unique Tax Payer Reference.
  • Next is your National Insurance Number.
  • You will require information about your untaxed income from that tax year. Included here is income from interest on shares, dividends, and self-employment.
  • Records from expenses linked to self-employment are important too.
  • Remember to include any pension or charitable contributions that could qualify for a tax relief.
  • Finally, there is the P60 or similar records revealing your income that you have paid tax on already.

Read the applicable information

Another smart idea here would be to read the applicable HMRC help sheets. Pay attention to the supplementary pages or extra sections as well. Read the ones relating to why you are filling in the tax return. If you have chosen to fill in the form online, it is possible to find help. Simply click the ‘?’ that shows up besides the separate fields.


You probably have concerns about making mistakes too. It is not a requirement for you to fill the return in during a single sitting. The best thing you can do is begin early. Take your time so you can limit errors. Prior to submitting the return officially, you will have the opportunity to review the documents and fix any mistakes.

The best help with tax returns in London

At Brian G Lonis & Co, we remove the confusion and stress from filling out these forms. This is part of the reason why we are the greatest company working in tax returns London has. We handle them on a daily basis so call us today if you need our help.