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Don’t bother cheating with tax

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Tax enquiries and investigations LondonWe are a business that has a reputation for being the best one excelling in tax enquiries and investigations London has. In recent years, the rate at which HMRC conducts these has grown. This is because they have the power to review cases on a sample basis. You should not worry however, as we are here to offer the help you require.

There have been a number of incidents of tax cheating in the past. Because of this, HMRC has really begun cracking down on the fraudsters in the last few years. Today, the risk of getting caught out has never been higher. The following are strategies they can use to tell if you are attempting to cheat.


One of their main assets is the computer program Connect. They launched this back in the summer of 2010. In the pursuit of unpaid tax, it moves huge amounts of information. It bulldozes through contrasting, previously unrelated details to identify networks or relationships that are otherwise invisible. It automates an inspection that would have taken months in the past, if it was possible at all.


HMRC also makes use of informants. In April of 2017, they introduced a new hotline the public could use to report tax fraud and evasion. This service was a combination of two existing hotlines. It covers any form of evasion or tax fraud. Examples include VAT and tax credit fraud, undisclosed offshore investments, and PAYE.

Certain informants can expect to gain rewards for the info they provide. In addition, unhappy ex-partners frequently snitch. It is not unheard of for information about offshore accounts to pop up during divorce procedures.

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At Brian G Lonis and Co, we have experience with all kinds of tax cases, whether it is a simple check or a full inspection. This is to be expected from the top company working in tax enquiries and investigations London has. They may be stressful, but we are here to make everything as easy for you as possible.

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