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Do tax investigations take a long time?

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When they need assistance with tax enquiries and investigations London clients regularly contact us. The team at Brian G Lonis & Co has years of experience in this area. As a result we know about all the finer details with an enquiry or investigation. We can use this knowledge to ensure clients can get through them successfully.

HMRC tax investigations can feel very time consuming. Sadly they can keep you from operating your business efficiently. Because of this, people wonder how much time actually goes into these inspections. To help, we are going to dive a little deeper into the procedure.


The truth is that enquiries can go on for several months. HMRC collects information and parties supply evidence. This in itself can take time. Then HMRC has to investigate the information to make sure there are no subjects of concern. If there are it can lead to inspections that focus on one particular area or several.

In some cases a small investigation can lead to a larger one. For example a team may look at objects you state as tax deductable but then step up to looking at whether enough corporation tax is being paid. If this happens the process will take even longer.

Every case is different

In truth, the amount of time it can take to complete one of these inspections is different with each case. It primarily depends on the size of the business and the specific area of concern. The volume of information that HMRC has to look through adds to the time as well. A company with a considerable turnover and tax rate should theoretically have a longer investigation than a sole trader.

Tax enquiries typically have HMRC asking for distinct information and evidence. Once you submit everything, it can take a while for them to process and probe everything. Written communication from HMRC usually places a timeframe on when your company must reply. Normally, it is 30 days.

At Brian G Lonis & Co, we deal with complex and straightforward cases every day. However, we always work to give clients all the support they need. This is why we are the best people to call on and make us the most reliable source of help for tax enquiries and investigations London has.

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