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Conducting audits with remote working

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At Brian G. Lonis & Co we work hard to give clients access to the best finance and accounting services. One area where we excel is at offering the most reliable auditing Harringay can ask for. We help businesses to audit their finances and operations to see where they could improve things.

Working remotely

The change to remote working because of the coronavirus pandemic has had a big impact on many aspects of business. In a number of situations it is now harder to do things as we once did. Audits are an excellent example. Traditionally an audit would be face to face so the auditor could look at documents and talk to people. However, this is not possible if people are working remotely. Luckily there are solutions and in many cases you can make changes that will actually be beneficial.


Auditing HarringayIt is still possible to conduct meetings when people are working remotely. There are lots of options for conference calls, including Teams and Skype. As a result an auditor can still meet with people to find the information they need. There is even a hidden advantage here because there are options for recording calls or creating transcripts. This can ensure there are full records of the meeting to attach to the audit.

Digital resources are also far more flexible than relying on paper ones. For example, it is possible to quickly search through electronic records of accounts and other documents. This can reduce the amount of time the audit takes.


The biggest challenge when people work remotely is how to keep regular communication. This can be a big obstacle for auditing. Again you need to rely on technology. It is a good idea to create a communication plan to see which options will be best for your team and the auditors. This can help reduce stress and ensure people communicate effectively to allow and support the audit. There are also technologies available so employers can audit their staff to make sure they remain productive while out of the workplace.


This will always be at the heart of every good audit. It important not to take anything at face value; instead you need to gather evidence to support claims. This is the same whether it is a manager’s position or a client’s. There are lots of types of digital evidence that can suffice for remote working. For example it could be screenshots, memos, voice recordings, or transcripts.

Overall remote working offers a lot of new opportunities to innovate and provide more value to clients. Auditors can also adjust their service to provide the right support for businesses.

Arrange auditing in Harringay

If you need any help at all with audits, Brian G. Lonis & Co can help. Our services are reliable and we will do the best we can to provide support in all situations. In addition, we offer fixed costs for most of our services.

To learn more or start working with the top team for auditing Harringay can offer, get in touch with us. We can give more information and a quote.