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Break it all down and use dual-entry accounting

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In the last three decades Brian G Lonis & Co has done our best to assist clients with all sorts of problems. Whether it is a business or an individual, we are one of the top names working in bookkeeping Stoke Newington has. We welcome anyone that is struggling to organise their records, offering reliable services.

For businesses to survive as well as thrive, they must have a good bookkeeping system. This becomes more important as the company expands.

It is vital to track each transaction. This will enable you to look at the effects of separate business lines. It’s the same for the impacts on the bottom line. Bookkeepers need to be vigilant and honest. In addition, they have to stick to these guidelines.

Have you considered dual-entry accounting?

Start by using dual-entry accounting. You should enter all transactions into the books twice. They need to document a change in either liabilities or assets. Afterwards, you must reflect them again in the relevant category. This shall be expense or income. Make certain you review anything you don’t understand. With dual-entry, your books should balance all the time.


Ensure that you manage your finances efficiently. You must be able to break everything down to its smallest detail. Company owners and managers have to analyse various elements. These are the lines of business, units of output, and also the costs of individual employees. This way, managers can gain insight from finances. They can learn about business areas and much more. As a result they have the means to weigh their options when the situation calls for it.

At Brian G Lonis & Co, our goal is to enhance the inner workings of your company. To do so, we provide prompt, individual advice. We tailor everything towards your specific requirements, ensuring we are the perfect partner.

If you would like the most detailed bookkeeping Stoke Newington can offer, please contact our people. We will create the right service for you, ensuring value for money and keeping reliable records.