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Bookkeepers and accountants working side by side

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Bookkeeping LondonIn order to assist a client, you have to work with them closely. This allows you to find out more about them and what their specific problems are. Once you obtain enough information, you can decide on a plan of action. It is this approach that has led our establishment to becoming the greatest one for bookkeeping London has. You can work close to our team and ensure we do everything you need us to.

The financial part of managing a company can be more difficult than anything else. There are times when you will want to talk to a professional. Accountants aid businesses in keeping the finances in check. However, bookkeepers also play a significant part. Both have their differences. Saying this, a business that is run well is going to use both. You should ensure they can work well together and handle their specific roles.


It is preferable to employ an accountant to assist you in setting your company up. They can aid you in conceiving a business plan as well as a structure that is most appropriate for your company. A bookkeeper or accountant can also assist you with picking the most suitable software to use for record keeping and accounting. They will set it up too so that it works for everyone. After this, a bookkeeper can concentrate on keeping the accounts up to date.

Meet ups

The bookkeeper and accountant should meet up frequently. Once a month is a good example. They could work remotely or meet in person. They might use cloud accounting software that comes with shared access. Whatever the case, the accountant will examine the figures within the accounts. From there, the bookkeeper shall explain any decisions or numbers that are not clear.

Choose the best for bookkeeping in London

At Brian G Lonis & Co, we have a brilliant track record of helping our clients. This is what people expect from the best company excelling in bookkeeping London has. We will ensure your books are accurate and can also handle various accounting tasks. That way you can get us to handle everything so it is easier to organise and saves you money.

If you want a first class service for a reasonable price, please speak to us. We have a wealth of experience, working with small local businesses as well as large companies. Whatever you need, trust us.