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Auditors can help the performance of small businesses

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When it comes to auditing London offers no better team than us. This is an essential service for all kinds of businesses. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) often depend on their accountants for audits. They can help reconcile accounts as well as preparing financial statements. These are tasks that require the right knowledge, skill and care.

What It Involves

An auditor will be the first person to know about the performance of a company. They will express their view on whether the annual accounts offer an accurate idea of the finances and state of affairs. A problem may be due to an error rather than intentional fraud, but it is vital to establish.

In order to do their work, auditors will complete an in-depth inspection of the internal accounting system. They will look at accounts, check transactions and gather evidence. This ensures they know the state of the actual financial position of the business at the time of the audit.

With an audit people such as lenders, investors and shareholders can benefit. They will have more confidence in the finances and also protect their interests. In addition, by uncovering any errors you will have an accurate idea of your finances. This is helpful to use when making decisions about future operations. As well as this, you can avoid potential legal and tax issues.

You Can Count On Us

An auditor needs to always work with care and utilise their expertise. It is a role that involves various activities such as investigation, collecting evidence and reporting. Working with a specialist in the area can be both very efficient and economical. At Brian G Lonis we can provide you with exactly what it is that you need.

Reach out to us today to find out more about the auditing London businesses love. With our other accounting services and high quality work, you can always trust us to help. Contact us at 02088 022 772 and we would love to discuss your needs with you. We work with SMEs in all kinds of industries.