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A trio of tax investigations

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Tax enquiries and investigations CamdenThe financial world is a difficult one to navigate your way through. It can seem impossible at times. This is only if you don’t have the right help however. We are the foremost company excelling in tax enquiries and investigations Camden has. We attend to all of the needs of our clients without fail. In addition, we do so for very reasonable prices.

Anyone who has been through a HMRC investigation before will tell you that it is stressful. However, staying on their good side is not as hard as you might think. One of the things you can do is ensure you know about and prepare for the three varieties of tax investigation.

Full enquiry

Firstly, there is the full enquiry. When these take place, HMRC shall review all of your business records. Their reasoning for doing this is they believe there is large risk of an error in your taxes. They investigate limited companies as well. When this happens, they may examine the company directors’ tax affairs closely. Furthermore, they could also inspect the company’s affairs in some situations.

Aspect enquiry

There is also the aspect enquiry. With an enquiry like this, HMRC assesses a certain element of your accounts. For instance, there could be irregularities in one part of a recent tax return.

Random check

Finally, there is the random check, which is precisely what it sounds like. It is possible for these to occur at any time. The condition of your accounts does not matter. Whether you trigger an alert or not is also irrelevant here.

Tax enquiries and investigations in Camden

At Brian G Lonis & Co, we have an outstanding knowledge of the accounting industry. This puts us in the best position to aid our clients with their needs. It does not matter what industry you work in or how large your business is; our team can support you.

You may require the help of the top business specialising in tax enquiries and investigations Camden has. If so, feel free to contact us. You can do this over the phone or by email.